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Students who want to be prepared for the future and assume responsibility quickly, choose to study internationally, selecting the study program International Business Administration (in English) at the Cooperative State University Baden-Wuerttemberg in Loerrach. It is our firm conviction that the challenges of today’s digitized and networked world can be risen to only with new approaches in studies and tuition. This is based on a broad range of business subjects, interdisciplinary networking and a consistent focus on customer needs in the B2B and B2C sectors.

In times of international upheavals, of increasing digitization and economic barriers forward-looking enterprises realize that doing business is not about introducing a singular business model worldwide. Management is no longer understood as a global activity, i.e. equally applicable to all world markets, but as a country-specific and intercultural activity. Successful management of tomorrow is aligned with markets and recognizes the specific regional and intercultural requirements of these markets in different countries.

Global Thinking and intercultural Awareness

The study program International Business Administration (in English) prepares leaders of tomorrow for the specific requirements of changing world economies. Thanks to the focus on intercultural competence along with detailed analysis of various markets, the cooperative study program is in the pulse of time and on the beat of economic transformation processes in enterprises.

Advantages of the study program are that generally one practice and one theoretical semester are completed abroad, and that tuition is carried out only in English, which not only foster students’ language abilities but also their networking in an international context. Students of different nationalities come together in the International Classroom so that practical intercultural competence is gained not only inside but outside the classroom. The core subject "Business Comminucation" can also be taught in other languages (e.g. Spanish, French, Chinese). As such, the location of the Cooperative State University in the 3-corner region of Germany – France – Switzerland also enables intercultural learning and experience. Because those who are interculturally secure have the best cards in any team.

Digital transformation across all industries

The ability for digital transformation is the basis for successful business in the future for all companies. The students of the BWL-International Business ( in English) program gain insights into the profound and accelerated transformation of business activities, processes, competencies and models during their undergraduate studies. Together with the partner companies, they can strategically and prioritized exploit the changes and possibilities of digital technologies and their effects on the entire economy.

Our partner companies cover practically all industries and company sizes. This creates a mirror image of the modern digital economy that dissolves industry boundaries and forms the basis for future business models.

Nexus for international exchange

Students of the BWL-International Business course spend at least one semester abroad. The DHBW Lörrach offers the exchange with a variety of international partner universities, but also so-called free-movers are possible. The International Office offers support in organizing and arranging scholarships. Most exchange students from other countries are integrated into the "BWL-International Business (English-language)" course of studies, as far as subject combinations and language competence allow.

International Business: Kick Start Your International Career

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