Career Perspectives & Employment

World economies are interdependent as never before. Business deals are seldom negotiated solely on a national basis today. Regardless of which area or which branch operations are carried out in, companies require employees with international competence.

Large and mid-sized enterprises, both in industry and services, seek graduates of the Cooperative State University, who are educated and experienced in the specific characteristics of international operations. And these enterprises offer particularly good career opportunities.

Enterprises are looking for potential employees with international competence, who have a mastery of cross-border business operations, who can be deployed especially as an interface with international suppliers, customers, subsidiaries and holding corporations.

The managerial tasks belong to the following deployment areas:

  • International procurement and supply chain management
  • Opening and dealing with international markets
  • Export management
  • International accounting and billing
  • Controlling international subsidiaries
  • International human resource and secondments management