Program & Organization

Studies always begin on October 1st of a year with a 3-month theoretical phase at the Cooperative State University Baden-Wuerttemberg in Loerrach. Following this phase there is a 3-month practical phase at the partner enterprise. During the course of the three-year study program the theoretical phases continue to alternate with practical phases, which can be seen in the so called "Blockplan" at Downloads. 

Students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (210 ECTS points).

German as well as foreign candidates can apply to this study program. Knowledge of German is not required, although helpful.

Experience Abroad

As agreed with partner enterprises, it is expected that students attend a semester abroad at a partner university during the third or fourth semester. Further information on the topic of studying abroad is available from the International Services. If possible, students should also go abroad for a practical phase, which is to be organized with the partner enterprise.

Additional Qualifications

In the study program International Business Administration (in English) students can acquire additional qualifications. Participation is voluntary. The following courses for further qualification are offered:

  • Languages
  • Industrial Trainer’s Certification Course
  • SAP
  • TQM – (German) Quality Management

Preparation for Studies

As preparation for studies at the Cooperative State University incoming students can take an Online-Mathematics course. In conjunction with this, there is the possibility of joining a study group. Students wishing to participate in the preparatory course must register online at Participation is free-of-charge for students of International Business Administration (in English).