Tuition & Research

Students of International Business Management Trinational are taught by professors from the partner universities in Germany, Switzerland and France, who possess many years of experience not only in university tuition, but also in research in their various fields. This is accompanied by extensive publication activities. In addition to university professors there are external lecturers who are recruited from enterprises in the partner countries and who often hold positions of management. Students thus profit from first-hand experience in leadership and practical application of business principles. Therefore, studies in International Business Management Trinational are able to guarantee an optimal combination of business management theory and practically applied knowledge.

Radiospot Deutschlandfunk "Studying in the three-corner region"

Membership in the German French University (GFU)

The Department of International Business Management Trinational is a member of the Deutsch-Französische Hochschule (DFH). It is the goal of the organisation to strengthen cooperation between Germany and France on the university level. The primary aim is to initiate, coordinate and finance study programmes between German and French universities. Students profit in particular from the so-called mobility allowance. This is financial aid that students can receive during the study phase in the other country. This is yet another reason to decide on studies in International Business Management Trinational.

IBM Association and IBM Support

Student life is not limited to lectures and seminars. A group of engaged students in the programme have founded the so-called IBM Association. The IBM Association has set itself the goal of fostering and strengthening the feeling of community and We-power through events involving all IBM students. Accordingly, the IBM Association organises interesting speeches and rounds of talks with former students (Alumni) and representatives of industry and society.

Of course, fun is never far away. Barbecues and bonfires are included in the programme, as well as skiing and hiking weekends.

Furthermore, the IBM Association has initiated the project IBM Support. IBM Support is a mentoring-tutoring project, whereby students in advanced semesters help students in the first semester. This additional tuition gives the first-year students the opportunity of profiting from the experience of “older” semesters to get off on the right foot in their studies.

Accreditation by 2021

The University of Applied Sciences, Northwest Switzerland (FHNW), as a partner university, is currently undergoing the AACSB accreditation process. AACSB stands for Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business. Die AACSB is an American accreditation organisation that was founded in 1916. Among its founding members is, for example, Harvard University in Boston. Accreditation focuses primarily on the academic and professional engagement of professors. Since IBM Trinational is an integrated programme of study at the University of Applied Sciences, it is also subject to the accreditation process.

Successful completion of the accreditation process will confirm the continuous progression not only of the study programme, but also of students’ educational success. IBM Trinational anticipates successful completion of the accreditation process in 2021. In this case the study programme would attain a level of certification that only 5% of all business schools worldwide have.