Program & Organization

Studies for a bachelor’s degree in International Business Management Trinational are structured as cooperative studies, i.e. theoretical and practical phases are carried out at regular intervals.

The study content of the theoretical phases reflects the most current academic developments and is aligned with the practical phases. Courses take various national socio-economic conditions and cultural backgrounds into consideration. Lectures and seminars are conducted in small groups, in addition to which individual support creates a solid basis for success in academic studies. Modern tuition and learning methods in addition to the use of multimedia materials guarantee an outstanding study programme.

The practical phases take place at the various locations of our cooperative partners from industry and administration. Students have a work contract with their training enterprise during the entire period of studies.

The bachelor study programme begins in the last week of September of a given year and continues for 3-3 ½ years, depending on the strived-for diploma(s). The table shows the alternation of theoretical and practical phases as well as the times of theoretical phases at the three partner universities.

Prerequisites for Studies

Applicants interested in studying International Business Management Trinational should not only possess good active and passive knowledge in each of the languages used in the study programme, i.e. German, English and French, but also be interested in furthering their capabilities in these languages. It is understood that students can already converse in all three languages at the beginning of studies.

Depending on the country of the home university, students must fulfill certain requirements for university admission:

1 Study programme – 3 Diplomas

With successful completion of studies after 3.5 years students earn internationally recognised diplomas from the three partner universities in Germany, France and Switzerland:

Study duration Titel / Diploma Granting Institution
2 years DUT Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie – Téchnique de Commercialisation Université de Haute Alsace Colmar
3 years Licence, Mention Gestion, Parcours International Business Management  (Domaine: Droit, Économie, Gestion) Université de Haute Alsace Colmar
3,5 years Bachelor of Science International Business Management University of Applied Sciences, Northwest Switzerland, Basel
Bachelor of Arts International Business Management Cooperative State University of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Loerrach
Certificate German French University

Upon graduation students receive 210 ECTS points.

Step by step: studying across borders

If you would like to begin studies in International Business Management Trinational, please take the following steps: